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Our Company

Future valuable customer:

Florida Polo Ice is a company located in Miami, Florida with more than fifteen years of experience in the Dry Ice Business with the best prices in the market. In these years we have been working with different branches in the dry ice industry. For example research clinics, forwarding specialists, food importers and exporters, restaurants, and drinks specialists.

Given the fact that we are a family business, our priority is to offer to our clients a warm experience and made them feel part of us. The way you receive our merchandise is one of our priority. You can either request our delivery service, or came by our facilities. They are open Monday to Friday (8:00 am-4:00 pm). Emergency deliveries in weekend can be arranged. We also have others services like repacking, re-icing, and crating of merchandise.

We have been known for our high quality and great variety in ice, blocks, nuggets, pellets, and slices are our main products, with a warranty long lasting life. As a dry ice supplier we also offer boxed coolers, ready to ship it, D and E insulated containers, boxes for repacking products, and gel packs for refrigeration. Dry ice products, especially blocks, can be shaped to meet you necessities.

Transforming Dry Ice Into a Multipurpose Asset

The world's largest carbon dioxide supplier and a leading supplier of industrial gases and related technologies, is developing cost-saving applications for dry ice in food processing and shipping, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy and even cleaning.

Improved Food Processing Productivity

Our decades of food processing experience are your assurance that Florida Polo Ice can help increase productivity in:

  • Comercial baking
  • Ice cream distribution
  • Sausage manufacturing
  • Cold grinding
  • Meat procesing
  • Food shipping

In addition, our experience in cryogenic applications and critical-temperature industrial gases give us a unique understanding of shipping with refrigerated food modules.

Multypurpose Life Scince Tool

Helps preserve biological samples, while our full line of mobile and portable, non-electrical, low temperature chets and containers meet a wide range of laboratory needs.

Blast Cleaning Power

High-velocity machines use dry ice pellets instead of labor-intensive chemical, water or grit blasting to create flush-action cleaning power for production, cleaning and maintenance application.

Quality Improvements

Our in-depth business and industry experience anables us to provide dry ice to help improve productivity and reduce cost in:

  • Construction
  • Repairs